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Author Guidelines

REQUIREMENTS TO THE ARTICLE Submitted in the Academic Journal of Moscow City University, Series “INformatics and Informatization of education”


The members of the Editorial Board require the authors to comply with the technical instructions to scientific manuscripts’ formatting when preparing manuscripts to publication in “The Academic Journal of Moscow City University”, Series “Informatics and Informatization of Education”

1. The font should be 14 pt Times New Roman; 2. the spacing should be 1,6 cm; 3. the margins: upper, lower and left should be 20 mm, the right margin should be 10 mm. The word limit of an article should be from 18 000 to 20 000 characters (0,4-0,5 author’s sheets) with a list of references and footnotes. In case Roman or Greek alphabets are used, the characters should be typed in light italic font for Roman letters and in ordinary font for Greek letters. Figures must be created in graphic editors. Graphs, diagrams and tables cannot be scanned. Formulas should be typed in the Microsoft Word Equation editor. The sizes of the formulas: regular – 11 pt, large index – 6 pt, small index – 5 pt, large symbol – 18 pt, small symbol – 10 pt.

2. The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is indicated in the upper left corner.

3. The initials and surname of the author (center alignment at the beginning of the article, semi-bold).

4. The title of the article (center alignment, semi-bold).

5. After the title of the article an abstract is indicated in Russian (no more than 500 characters). The number of keywords and phrases should be no more than 5 words (phrases), separated from each other by semicolons.

6. The article is provided with a list of references, compiled in the alphabetical order in Russian and formatted according to the requirements of the GOST R 7.0.5-2008 “Bibliographic record”.

7. References to publications from the list of references should be given in the text in square brackets, for example [3: p. 57] or [6: vol. 1, book 2, p. 89].

8. Links to the Internet resources and archival documents should be indicated in the text in parentheses or at the bottom of the page according to the samples given in the GOST R 7.0.5-2008 “Bibliographic reference”.

9. At the end of the article (after the list of references), the title of the article, the author, the abstract and keywords in English are indicated.

10. The manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Board of the journal in due time both by e-mail and on paper.

11. The manuscript is accompanied by information about the author (Full name of the author(s), academic degree, academic title, position, affiliation, email) in Russian.

12. In case the authors do not comply with any of the listed requirements, they must revise the manuscript within the deadline set for revision.


УДК 373

В. В. Гриншкун


   В статье излагаются этапы и технологии для проведения комплексного исследования состояния информационной образовательной среды в системах общего, профессионального и дополнительного образования. Предложенная технология предусматривает возможность унифицированного сбора и публикации сведений о примерах наиболее эффективного практического опыта формирования и использования информационных образовательных сред.

   Ключевые слова: информационная образовательная среда; модель исследования информационной образовательной среды; критерии исследования; телекоммуникационный опрос образовательных организаций; инструментарий.

(Text of the article)



Details about the technical requirements to the manuscript formatting are available on the website www.mgpu.ru in the “Documents” section of the Publishing Department of the MCU’s Scientific and Information Center.

The manuscripts are published free of charge.


1. The Editorial Board of “The Academic Journal of the Moscow City University”, Series “Informatics and Informatization of Education” accepts original research articles in Russian for review andpublication, corresponding to the subject of the journal and not previously published.

2. The manuscripts should be sent to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal series, Doctor of Education Sciences, Professor Viktor Semyonovich Kornilov by e-mail: vs_kornilov@mail.ru

3. The manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board are initially considered from the following points of view:

  • the manuscripts must comply with the subject of the journal’s series
  • he manuscripts must comply with the authentic requirements: at least 75 % of authentic text according to the “Antiplagiat” system.
  •  the manuscripts must comply with the basic technical requirements to manuscripts’ formatting.

The reviewers do not consider the manuscripts which do not correspond to the technical formatting requirements. The authors are informed in case of refusal to accept their manuscripts.

4. The manuscripts which comply with the basic requirements but do not correspond to the content and subject field of the journal, may be rejected or sent for revision according to the Editorial Board’s decision.

5. The manuscripts which correspond to the content and subject field of the journal and comply with the basic requirements to formatting are submitted for review.

6. In case the manuscript is not recommended for publication, it is not accepted for reconsideration and is not considered at the meeting of the Editorial Board.

7. The manuscripts which are positively reviewed by the editors, are considered at the meeting of the Editorial Board and included in the publication plan. In this case the author receives an email message notifying approximate time of publication.

8. The order of publication of articles is determined according to the date of their receipt. There is a publishing priority for the manuscripts with higher relevance based on the Editorial Board’s decision.

9. The members of the Editorial Board reserve the right for scientific and literary editing of the manuscripts received, cut them (if necessary) in agreement with the author, or send the manuscripts to the authors for revision in case the subjects of the manuscripts are interesting to the journal.


  • Contact person: Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Doctor of Education Sciences, Professor Viktor Semenovich Kornilov.
  •  Publishing house’s address: 29 Sheremetievskaya St., Moscow, 127521, Institute of Digital Education, Moscow City University.
  •  E-mail: vs_kornilov@mail.ru
  • Tel: 8 (495) 618-40-33