“The Academic Journal of MCU”, Series “Informatics and Informatization of Education”


Purpose and subject

The peer-reviewed journal “The academic Journal of Moscow City University”, series “Informatics and Informatization of Edication” has been issued by Moscow City University since 2003.

The peer-reviewed journal aims to publish both original and review articles including the findings of theoretical, analytical and experimental studies which reflect the effectiveness of Russian and international approaches to applying modern information and telecommunication technologies at all levels of education.

The authors dedicate their work to researching content, methods and tools of teaching Computer Science.

The peer-reviewed journal publishes the articles featuring efficient techniques of developing digital learning resources, creating digital teaching and learning environments, developing distance, blended and reserved learning. The authors discuss the processes of inclusive education informatization, personalization of school and university training based on the use of digital technologies.

The articles published contain theoretically and practically proven recommendations on training and retraining lecturers enabling them to teach in the context of global and mass use of such new technologies as digital modeling, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, digital robotics, immersive hypermedia and others.

The peer-reviewed journal is included in the List of Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, where it is recommended to publish the main scientific findings of the of the doctoral and postdoctoral degrees.

The main sections of “The Academic Journal of Moscow City University”, Series “Informatics and Informatization of Education”

  • Computer Science Teaching
  • Education Science and Didactics of Informatization
  • Development of Learning and Teaching Programs and Electronic Resources
  • Global aspects of Education Informatization
  • Digital Learning Environment
  • Distance, Blended and Reserved Learning
  • Digital Technologies in Inclusive Education
  • The Impact of Technology on Education Development
  • Teachers’ Involvement in Informatization
  • Management of Institutional Organizations in the Digital Age